Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday & Christmas #1

Friday we got up and went to do a little shopping with MoMo.  Lilly got all dressed up and was ready to take pictures.  Of course, I was willing to take them.  (:
 We went to the mall and Lilly spotted Santa and told me, "There's Santa!  I need to go talk to him!"  There was no line so we went up and talked to him.  Reid went up and ended up getting in his lap and we got a really cute picture that I will have to figure out how to scan on here at a later date.
 We enjoyed spending the morning with MoMo.
 That night was Friday Night Out and Matt and I were pretty excited for some kid free time.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE our time with out children but sometimes it is so nice to just eat and talk at a leisurely pace.  The church did Polar Express night so they wore their pajamas, watched Polar Express, and got to drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows. 
 Matt and I went to dinner with our friends Flint and Rebekah.  I forgot to get a group photo so we took this picture while the guys were getting the cars (it was FREEZING outside).  We went to a Thai restaurant and then to Bliss Cupcake for dessert.  It was so good to catch up with friends! 
 Then Saturday evening we did Christmas #1.  My celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family. 
 We opened presents.  We were all spoiled beyond rotten. 

 This is my sister Michelle and my brother Mike and me. 
 My sister, my mom, and me.
 We played games.  Lots of games. 
 Hung out with family.  This is Matt and my nephew Blayne. I can NOT believe he is 15!!!
 It was a fun night!  This is my nephew Ethan, Grandma Berti, me, and my niece Emma. 
 I thought I would share a couple of gifts with you.  My mom got Matt and I a laptop for my birthday and Christmas.  I just wanted you all to know that she is the reason you have been reading blog posts for the past couple of months.  (: 
 My sister Michelle made these coasters for me.  I LOVE them. 
My mom also got me this planner that is AWESOME.  It has a plan for reading the bible in a year, a monthly budget, a day planner (with time slots for every 30 minutes), encouraging verses/devotions.  And then my sister also made me the charm bracelet. 

The presents were wonderful but of course the best part was spending the evening laughing with our sweet family! 

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