Friday, January 27, 2012


Last Saturday we headed over to our friends the Dalmut's house to help Sam celebrate his 2nd birthday.
I think this is the cutest picture of them.
Sam got some boy dress up clothes for his birthday because he was really loving all the dress up stuff that Addy (his sister) got for Christmas. Reid and Sam are good buddies. Sam calls Reid "Deed" and I think it is just precious! Reid ran straight to the present in the corner wrapped in Cars paper and started trying to open it. He thinks anything Cars must be his. Ha!
Blowing out the candles on his Thomas the Train birthday cake. He was also very excited about some Thomas the Train toys that he opened as well.
Having some cake!
Lilly just eats the icing on cake!
Reid devours the whole thing. He used his fork and his hands. (:
This is Addy. Funny thing--we were in birthing classes with Matt and Laura when they were pregnant with Addy and we were pregnant with Lilly. The girls were born just one day apart! The other day as I was filing a bunch of stuff I came across an interview that we did with them in birthing class! Ha!! So random. We didn't become friends until about a year ago and we just love them. It is great having friends that have a girl Lilly's age and a boy Reid's age! Addy was also in my KDO class last year and she is such a doll!
Sunday we went to Lawson's (above) superhero party. We are in small group with his parents and they are such a fun couple too. Lawson's party was at the Little Gym and they had super hero capes and masks for all the kids to wear. It was so adorable and the kids had SO MUCH FUN!
Lilly wore her mask as a headband for about 5 minutes and then she just ran around in the cape.
Reid wore his mask just like this for almost the entire party. It was hysterical! I forgot my camera so all the pictures are instagram from my phone. I think it turned out great for an official super hero look. (:
My funny boy!
They loved to swing on these...
and to hang on this!

And walking across the balance beam over and over. And over. (:
This was the cute cookies and cake. We are so blessed with sweet friends and love celebrating life with them!

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Courtney said...

Looks like you guys were party animals last weekend. Lilly and I would be perfect cake buddies, because I prefer cake over the icing!