Monday, January 30, 2012

Hanging with the Fam

Friday night after Matt got off work we headed to Benton.  About 30 minutes away Lilly started saying, "I am SO ready to get out of this car!!"  I felt her!  It seemed like it took For. Ev. Er. to get there.  But we made it!  When we got to Mike and DeDe's they had pizza ready so we got to eat and let the kids run off all of the energy they had saved up from riding in the car.  Bert and Becca came over and the kids were so happy to see them.  We put the kids to bed and Mike and DeDe got to witness our newest drama...bedtime with Lilly.  The past two weeks she thrown the CRAZIEST fits at bedtime.  I think we have decided to just put her to bed and let her throw the fit because going in does NOT seem to help AT ALL.  Anyway, I digressed.  Then Matt, Mike, and I stayed up until 2 AM watching Sons of Guns.  I think we may have lost our mind!  But we love that show. 

Saturday we did the Perryville thing (see last post) and then Saturday night we, once again, stayed up until 1:30 AM watching Sons of Guns.  We are all caught up now.  On the show.  Not sleep.  ( ; 
 Sunday everyone came over to Mike and DeDe's and we ate Whole Hog BBQ.  I tried to get a picture of the cousins that were there.  This was the best one I got.
 And this (above) was the worst.  Ha!  NO ONE looks happy to be in this picture! 
 I hope this picture makes somebody else laugh because it cracks me up!! 
 The weather was wonderful Sunday afternoon so the kids got to get outside and play.  They loved every second of it! 
 They laid out in the sun.  Fully clothed. 
 They would pretend like they were asleep.  I heard Lilly say, "I sleep very good."
 Colt was awesome in some sunglasses. 
 Reid swabbed the deck.  (Yes, I crack myself up, in case you were wondering.)
 Lilly picked some of DeDe's flowers and then gave her one. 
 Since we have been home Lilly keeps saying, "But we love DeDe!" when I tell her that we aren't going to DeDe's house today. 
 They discovered the hammock.  Don't they look like they are hanging out discussing something good in this picture??
 Grandma Betty and Matt. 
 DeDe has a rolling chair and the kids think it is so fun to go for rides on it! 
 After lunch with the family we stopped by to see MamMa on our way out of town.
 We were so blessed to get to see so many loved ones this weekend!!

Then we headed home and got back just in time to drop Tank off and go to the night service at our church.  I really loved that we got to go out of town but still get to go to our church! 

This morning started out being a major MONDAY.  I got up kind of late and was rushing around and went to get Lilly up.  It was pajama day so all I had to do was brush her teeth and put her hair in a pony tail.  Apparently I didn't put it up properly and she had the biggest fit I have ever witnessed from her.  I didn't help the situation at all (AT ALL)-I was completely annoyed that she was upset about something so trivial especially when we were already running late.  It snowballed and by the time we got to KDO we had both been crying.  Thankfully the Lord got hold of my heart (with the help of my sweet husband) and we were able to get back on track, have good days separately, and we have had a wonderful evening together.   The kids got to play outside for a little while tonight and Matt and I ate dinner while they were playing.  It was almost like a date.  Almost.  (Oh, on a side note, we ate the Chicken Tortilla Soup I made the other day for the food swap but hadn't tried yet.  Super yummy!  Phew!)  Then we gave the kids a bath (you would be disgusted if you knew the things they got into while they were playing in the backyard!) and now we are watching Beauty and the Beast.  The other day I said to Matt, "Later we may watch B. and B." And Lilly goes, "YES!  I want to watch Beauty and the Beast!!!"  Smart girl!  Hope you all have a great week.  I have to go make popcorn because Lilly and Reid think that it is impossible to watch a movie without popcorn.  They may get that from me.  ( ; 

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