Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testimony Tuesday: He is AWESOME!

The other day Lilly, Reid, and I were in the car on our way home.  Obviously I was driving.  ( :  We were coming home the "back way" as we call it.  Anyway, there is a big curve and we were coming up to it and there was a semi truck coming toward us on the other side of the curve.  Now he was in his lane and he was going fairly slow.  Logically there seemed to be no danger in us going around the curve at the same time.  But something God told me to stop.  So I stopped a little bit before the curve.  I really was kind of rolling my eyes at myself for being so cautious because it appeared to be completely safe.

 I am SO THANKFUL that I did because the semi took up both sides of the road in the curve and BARELY missed us.  I am talking so "barely missed us" that he stopped because he was sure that he had hit us.  Like within an inch folks. Y'all the PEACE of God that transcends understanding was IN THE CAR.  My heart never even raced.  As he squeaked by-I never got anxious.  I was completely calm.   God somehow let me know that He was protecting us and I knew I had no reason to fear.  I can't explain it...even in my mind I was thinking...shouldn't I be a little worried?...but I wasn't. 

After he passed us and we made our way around the curve and were completely out of harms way I felt the presence of the Lord just fill up the car.  It was such a surreal moment.  I remembered the night before as we were praying with the kids Matt prayed that God would guard the kids and my path tomorrow as we ran around town. 

Here is the deal God is always with us and He is constantly answering our prayers but in THAT moment is was SO CLEAR that God was literally with us, keeping us safe, and answering our prayer.  I am so thankful for that moment!  How crazy is it that the God of the Universe took the time to speak to me, give me a calmness that in unexplainable, and then let me feel His complete presence??? 

Heavenly Father I love you and I praise you for you are most worthy of praise!!!

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Lauren said...

love that story! Such an amazing feeling