Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catch Up

Okay so I just realized that I haven't taken many pictures this week so bear with me as the pictures and topics will be fairly random.
 The kids both got umbrellas recently and yesterday was the first time that it rained AND I remembered to put the umbrellas in the car.  The kids were BEYOND excited to get to use their umbrellas and have talked about it 537 times since then. 

Last night I was putting Lilly to bed and I usually sing to her and rub her back and at some point I generally kiss her and say her sweet girl.  Well, last night, as I was putting her to bed she started rubbing MY back and giggled and said, "Sweet girl" to me.  It was PRESH!

Also, the other day we walked in the house and Lilly peeked her head in the door and said, "Hellooooo!  Is anybody home?  I've lost my horse in the woods and need a place to stay!"  If you don't recognize that--it is from Beauty and the Beast and we are currently obsessed with that movie. 
 Yesterday Reid was doing something he wasn't supposed to and I told him if he didn't stop I was going to discipline him and he stopped and looked at me and said, "Mommy-only use kind words!"  Ha! 

Lilly had dance yesterday and Reid wanted to try it again so we let him try it again.  I am still not sure.  He listens but he doesn't really do a lot of the dancing.   Yesterday was a hard day to tell from too since all of the kids had some extra energy. 
 Lilly was complaining that her ears were hurting so I took these two to the doctor to see if she had an ear infection.  The doctor said no...and I am not one to argue with a doctor...but I am not convinced.
 This weekend I helped host a baby shower for my friend Lisa.  Although, I say I helped host...we met at a restaurant and all I did was pick up...
 these bad boys from my friend Holly.  She makes the cutest cookies!  (Local friends--her email is  Since Lisa is having her 3rd boy, we had a diaper shower for her.  I went rebel and bought wipes.  Because that is how I roll.  Matt ALWAYS has me buy wipes for a baby shower because "that is the item he has used most in parenting".  Ha! 
 We had MOPS today and it was a really great one that talked about raising your children to know that they need a savior.  I will not do it justice by trying to explain it because I am still wrapping my brain around it.  She showed a Paul Tripp interview that I hope to be able to link to at some point.  I added three books to my "to read" list today:  Shepherding the Heart of Your Child by Paul Tripp.  Give them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything by Tullian Tchividjian.  I also got Crazy Love by Francis Chan for Christmas so I need to get reading!!  Ha!  Anyway, our MOPS craft today was a rosette book mark that will go perfectly with all of this reading.  (:
 I put this book in Matt's stocking for Christmas but have been reading it myself.  You all--if you haven't read this--you need to.  It is a great daily devotional.  Each day is just one page but it is deep and it has the verses if you want to go deeper into it.  I read this with my daily reading and it is awesome.
 This picture is out of order but my friend Lisa gave us these as hostess gifts--it is a leopard insulated cup.  I am really into these cups right now because my kids can't spill them everywhere (or me, for that matter, because I can be a little clumsy) and they can't take the straw out. 
And at Christmas Matt's cousin Melissa made these pretzels and we brought them home and stuck them in the pantry.  I discovered them this week and we have been loving them.  She said something about red pepper flakes and a ranch seasoning packet but I need to get the recipe and share it because they are delish! 

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