Monday, January 30, 2012

Perryville Lunch

Every January we have a big family get together with Matt's dad's side of the family.  His aunt, uncle, and cousin come in from Louisiana.  His other cousins come in from Kansas City and we all get together for lunch in the house that Matt's Granddaddy grew up in. 
 We love getting to see all of the family! 
 Lilly and Reid kept things exciting as always!  (:  I said from the beginning if we left without breaking anything--I was going to consider it a successful trip.  And, ladies and gents, it was successful!  Ha! 
 Lilly loves this chair/stepstool.  She plays in it every time we go!  And if she isn't in it Reid is! 
 You may be able to tell by the chocolate face that Reid enjoyed some brownies! 
 There was lots of visiting with family! 
 Bert and Matt watched the basketball game. 
 Lilly and Jan read some books.
 Reid went through some pictures. 
 They attacked Uncle Bert. 
 Then they tried to ride him.  Ha! 
 They played with the legos...and then they wore the bucket. 

 And then Karl taught them how to play the drums on the bucket. 
 Aunt Thelma and Granddaddy
 Matt, Grandaddy, and Bert.  I can't tell you how much they loathe appreciate me taking pictures of them all the time.  (: 
 Jessica and Daryl. 
 Becca, Me, and DeDe.  Mike cooked a yummy lunch and we enjoyed getting to see everyone--we look forward to it every year! 
That night "the cousins" all went out for dinner at YaYa's.  We hadn't been there before and it was pretty tasty!  We had a fun time.  Lynn we missed you!! 


Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition! So glad you all had a nice time. I love that chair/step stool. That is so cute!

Lynn said...

Thanks Sara! I was waiting for this post! :) :)