Monday, April 30, 2012

Day with MoMo

Well MoMo stayed the night with us Monday night and spent all Tuesday afternoon with us!
 We all got ready and sported our new sunglasses!
 Of course we had to take a picture because We. Were. Stylin'.  ( ;
 The kids were so happy to have MoMo in town!!  (Reid was done with pictures at this point.  MoMo's camera was having an issue and his patience was g-o-n-e.  I am sure he inherited that from Matt. Ha!) 
 We met Daddy, Aunt Shelly, and Uncle Tom at Slim Chicken for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.  We took both kids to Hobby Lobby and were there for TWO HOURS.  For the time they were there they were really good but we were all ready to get out of there.  The good news is that we all got stuff for some cute projects and gifts!  We dropped Reid off at Aunt Shelly's for a nap (but we forgot the paci and he didn't take one) and I took Lilly to dance. 
 Then we all went back to Aunt Shelly's house to celebrate Jackson's birthday.  Reid got into Ethan's closet and found his Cars bike helmet and just wore it around the house.  Ha!  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for him to just wear that around as all boy as he is! 
 This picture just makes me laugh. 
 Aunt Shelly french braided Lilly's hair.  I don't know how to french braid so Lilly thinks this is such a special treat and just loves it!  This is also the only picture I got of the birthday boy.  He is 15.  He got a new room make-over for his birthday and he was showing it to me and I said, "This sure is a nice room for a 13 year old!"  Ha!  I just refuse to believe that it is possible that he is 15!! 
 Aunt Shelly and Emma.  The kids also got to swimming in the hot tub while we were there and they loved that.  They are so ready for pool season!!
Emma's birthday is coming up and she is having a Dr. Seuss birthday party.  Her cake is going to look like a stack of books and Michelle had books stacked up to show what it was going to look like and Emma hasn't let her put the books away.  She keeps saying, "No.  That is my birthday cake."  Well, I didn't know this and when we were leaving Michelle was in there consoling Emma because she was upset.  We get in the car and Lilly says, "I had to take Emma's cake because I was Swiper the Fox and Swiper swipes things!"  It wasn't until later that we put two and two together and figured out Lilly had messed up Emma's "cake" and upset Emma and Lilly was pretty much telling on herself...Michelle stacked some more books up and all is well again.  We enjoyed our day with MoMo and Aunt Shelly and all the family!!

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