Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Sunday

Matt and Lilly and Reid started our Sunday with breakfast and playing outside.  They let me sleep in and it was glorious and much appreciated! Then it was time to get ready for church.
 DeDe got Lilly this sweet smocked dress last year and I have been saving it for this weekend.  It has little chicks on it that are holding baskets of eggs.  SO CUTE!  Lilly and Reid have matching Easter outfits for next weekend so she wore it today.  Isn't she just PRECIOUS?!!?  After church we came home and had lunch and then headed out to Sloan's first birthday.  Sloan's daddy Damon and Matt grew up together and we just love their sweet family! 
 The best part of the party was watching Sloan with her cake.  Checking it out...
 Taste test...
 Clapping because cake is so great!  My kind of girl!!
 She went to town with her cake and it was so fun to watch!
 She seriously could not be any cuter!!
 This was right before they put her in the bath.  Ha!! 
 After she got cleaned up she opened presents and she was just all cute smiles!! 
 Sloan's mom Brooke did a great job with the decor and everything looked beautiful!
After we left the party I noticed Reid had some sores in his mouth so we took him to the doctor and found out he has hand, foot, and mouth.  I felt HORRIBLE because we were around other kids at church and the birthday party!!  We are praying it doesn't spread to other kids!!!  As for Reid he is doing pretty good.  His mouth is sensitive so he enjoyed a milkshake for dinner.  He has ran around playing just like normal--he doesn't seem to feel bad--he just doesn't want to eat a lot of things.  We will be at home for the next three days getting all better!


Anonymous said...

I hope sweet Reid feels bettter! Lilly is so cute in her dress. Don't you just love matching outfits! I am trying to get away with them (for holidays) as long as I can! That sweet birthday girl and her cake is to precious!

The Speight Family said...

So happy you posted these pictures of Sloan! She is a doll and I just love her momma and daddy! Surely we will get to NWA and meet her before she is GROWN!!!!