Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meeting Breanna

The weekend before last we made the trip to meet Breanna--Matt and I's precious little niece and Lilly and Reid's sweet little cousin! 
We have been chomping at the bits to go meet her but since we were going to be staying with them we figured we would give them a few weeks to get settled.  We were so excited and so ready to get to see her and get our hands on her!  The kids couldn't wait to check her out!  Lilly wanted to hold her so Lilly sat on my lap and we "held her" together. 
 Reid got up in Matt's lap while he was holding Breanna.  As you can probably tell--Matt is giving him the rules--mainly be gentle!!  Ha! 
 Using his sweet hands!
 Going in for a kiss! 
 Happy guy.
 He was on my lap saying, "Baby Breanna is so pretty!" and "I lub her!"  and "Baby Breanna lubs me!"  Lilly was really sweet with her too but I didn't get any pictures of that.  :(
 Becca's birthday was that Thursday so we did a little celebrating with her!  Smiling with the cake...
 deciding to get Breanna so she can be a part of the celebration too! 

Isn't the cake cute?  It was tasty too!
 The kids ready for cake!!  They LOVE to sing Happy Birthday and birthday cake!  They had a full day--they got to meet Breanna, go swimming, and be part of a birthday party!
 When we put Lilly to bed--this air mattress had sheets on it and lots of pillows and blankets.  And the lights and fan were off.  We go up to check on Lilly and find her like this.  No sheets.  No blankets.  1 pillow.  Lights in the room are on.  Fan is going full blast.  Haha!  That is our Lilly! 
 DeDe with the all of her grandbabies!  One with Lilly looking...
and one with Reid!  We had a great weekend and just love love LOVE our precious sweet perfect niece!  OKay....so I realized I didn't get any pictures of just Breanna so I borrowed a couple from Becca's blog so you guys could see all her cuteness! 


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Courtney said...

Oh she is sooooo cute. I sure she got lots of lovin while you were there.