Friday, April 20, 2012

Potty Time!

Last Wednesday (April 11, 2012 to be exact) I went to pick Reid up from the nursery after MOPS and his teacher told me that he had just went pee in the potty!  This was Reid's first time to go, as we call it, "tee-tee" in the potty.  Without his diaper on.  We were so excited!!  We called Daddy, MoMo, and DeDe and he told each one of them, "I went tee-tee in the potty.  My teacher said I could do it!"  When Lilly was potty training she loved temporary tattoos and I guess Reid remembered because he said, "Where is my blue sticker?"  Ha! 
 So when we got home I found some in our stash and he picked the ugliest monster possible.  When I asked him where he wanted it he pointed to his belly.  He is "rooaaaar"ing in this picture.  He has sat on the potty several times since then but has yet to do anymore actual "business" in it.  I am just fine with that since he is growing up way too stinking fast anyway!  ( : 
 And, as we did with Reid when Lilly was potty training, Lilly got a "prize" too.  (We celebrate these milestones as a family.) And, of course, she wanted it in the place Bubby got his. 
Then here are my little cuties!  Don't miss Tank in the picture--he and the kids have become sweet friends lately. 

Hopefully we are over all of the sick that is going around and kept us out of commission lately and get back to regularly posting (and you know, life in general)!

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Courtney said...

Way to go Reid!!!

BTW- I am getting your prize in the mail on Monday. I have been running in 10 different directions this past and haven't had a chance to get it ready. I apologize!