Friday, April 27, 2012


On Sunday Lilly went to Sunday School with DeDe.  She gets to be in DeDe's class when we go to visit so she really loves that!  I made the mistake of saying something about her "going to church" and she said, "No!  I didn't go to church!  I went to Sunday School!!"  Whenever we are there Matt's dad always cooks a big lunch and the family all comes over and eats.  We always love Sunday lunch!  After the kids' naps we were ready to go see MamMa and Granddaddy. 

In the car Lilly started singing a song that she was making up as we went along.  (This video may be from Saturday...I can't really remember.)  She sang for about 10 minutes before I did this video.  She will just kind of be singing random sounds and then throw in a few actual words from stuff she is seeing or thinking about.  It was so cute and I am glad that I was able to get a few seconds of it on video! 
 We went by to see MamMa. 
 Reid ran right up to her and jumped on her lap.  Oh my word--we were trying to teach him to use his gentle hands. 
 Then he wanted to push her around.  We tried to stop him but she told us "to leave that boy alone!"  So we did. 
 Then Lilly wanted a turn pushing and Reid wanted a ride.  I don't know that the place where she stays is ready for Lilly and Reid!  Ha!
 Reid giving her a kiss.  Such a sweet picture!  He would hit her leg (trying to just pat--not intentionally being mean) but we would tell him to be careful and easy and then he would bend down and kiss her leg.  He is turning a bit rambunctious--we are completely in the "training" phase of parenting now.  ( :
 Matt and MamMa. 
 After we left MamMa's we went to visit Granddaddy and Eutha.  This was right before we were leaving and they wanted chocolate.  I said, "If you get over there and smile for a picture then you can have your chocolate."
 Lilly was all smiles and ready.  Reid was saying "cheeeeese" but looking off.  I said he needed to look at Mommy and I got...
this.  Ha!  We always love going to see them and are so thankful for our family!

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