Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party!!!

"Yaaayyy! It is OUR party Bubby!" Bubby must've gotten the party memo earlier because he was too excited to take his morning nap--that is why he looks semi-sedated in some of these pictures. Haha.
My pretty little birthday girl! She is still one for a few more days!!! Right now I have two 1 year-olds. Smile.
We had so many people come celebrate Lilly and Reid's birthdays with us!! We are such a blessed family to have so many friends and family that want to celebrate with us!
We had a zoo-themed party...which I will do an entire "decorations" post tomorrow because I think it turned out SO STINKING CUTE--just like my babies.
Katie came to play and celebrate! Don't you just love her giraffe shirt?? She was zoo-themed too--that girl knows how to "birthday party"!
Ethan and Emma acting like they like each other. Haha. Aren't they sweet??
For the first little while of the party, all of the kids just played throughout the house and in the backyard. Jackson and Avery liked the playhouse!
And, if you know Brody, you will not be at all surprised to see him with a vacuum. At one point I thought him and another little boy may wrestle for it. Why can't grown men wrestle over who gets to vacuum? Where does the passion go?? Ha!
The swing set stayed pretty busy during the party too!
So did Miss Priss just running all over the place like usual.
Pretty little Avery!
Brayden! I had a beverage tub full of Capri Suns for the kids and Brayden played in the ice and kept trying to get inside the tub. It was hysterical...somehow nobody got a picture of it though!
Sweet Stella!
After some playing, it was time to eat!
Can you believe Lilly and Reid have so many friends already? Blessed little babies!
Then it was cake time! Can you tell how tired he is???
We had to sing Happy Birthday to him twice because the first time we accidentally left the lens cap on the video camera. Haha. Take two!
Despite being sleepy, he still managed to eat a little bit of cake.
Look at all of the icing on his sippee! He also ate a frosting-covered cheeto at some point. Yummy??
Lilly's turn!! Cake!!
Ummm...I think you are forgetting something guys!!
That is right, Miss Priss had to have a fork...or as she calls it "a poon".
Much better!
Tasty...Rick's always is honey!
Hmmm...what comes after cake???
Oh yeah! Presents!!!
Lilly was really into opening presents for a minute....
and then she opened a shopping cart full of play food and she was gone. Other present givers will be happy to know that she LOVES all of her new toys and clothes! She has had a ball playing ever since--and I have enjoyed the little breaks from Yo Gabba Gabba that has provided!
Reid liked seeing all of the new things too!
I always think it is hilarious how the other kids gather around to see what new toys are coming out! Handsome little Trenton!
Checking out some videos!
What is this??? Could it be....
A BOY TOY!!!! Yessssss.
Giving some love because he is so thankful! Thank you so much to everyone that came and for all the goodies--thank you cards are coming!! We are so blessed to have each and every one of you!!
After everyone left, Reid decided to have a second go at the smash cake and this time he GOT INTO IT!!
He would grab a bite and then walk away and then smile and run back and grab another bite...all the while looking around like "is nobody going to stop me?" Precious!!
Again with the cake and cheetos...he has the cravings of a pregnant woman! Haha.
Aunt Kay and Melissa and Thomas and Ray drove all the way here to celebrate with us! Thanks again guys!! After the party, the kids took naps and then we went out for seafood and gumbo since that seems to be Reid's favorite foods! He had a good dinner of crabcake, crawfish tails, gumbo, and some pizza. I would say it was a pretty awesome first birthday! (Lilly will get a special meal on her birthday too.)


Ryan and Sarah said...


Their outfits are so cute!!! Glad you all had so much fun. Sorry we missed.

Jennifer said...

I like the way I am the only person over 4 sitting at the kid's table! Haha!

We had such a fun time! Thank you for inviting us!

First Birthday Photo Invitations said...

Oh my! She eat that whole cake on her own! So adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love their custom outfits so cute! You should do a whole post just on them in their cute outfits! It looks like a great party! By the way you look really good in green. It's your color. Hope they enjoyed their party!

Hayley said...

You are so creative!! I love the cupcakes and pictures! Great idea!!