Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Swim!

Well, over Labor Day weekend, Lilly took her final swim of the summer season! Let me just tell you--the water was NOT warm. Luckily for Lilly, she has a Daddy that cares more about making her happy than he cares for own body warmth (and she has a cousin Ray that was willing to swim and play with her too (c:) Lilly really likes ladders in pools for some reason...I will call it a quirk and move on.
She really had a good time swimming from the ladder to her Daddy--
all by herself because she is a big girl, you know.
This girl loves the water!
She was so cold that her bottom lip and chin were just quivering but she did NOT want to get out. No-sir-ee, she would rather swim.
She also liked to watch Ray jump in the pool. He can do some cool jumps! I believe this one is the beginning of a "Canon Baaaaaaallllll". Good form, Ray!
About to swim to Ray...we all were entertained by Ray's swim shorts. He had borrowed a pair that DeDe had downstairs (probably because he hadn't intended on joining the Polar Bear club that day..haha) and they just kept filling up with air.
Good times!!
Talking to the people on the side of the pool--probably trying to convince them to join in the fun. I know it won't be too long before she says through shivering lips, "It isn't cold at all, Mom".
We probably won't be able to make it an entire 9 months without seeing the pool again so I will probably be on the hunt for an indoor pool pretty soon. As for Mike and DeDe's pool, is closed. Thanks for a season of fun in the sun guys!


Anonymous said...

How fun! What a sweet Daddy to brave the cool water with her. I am always a little sad as I see the seasons change and pass by and at the same time anxious for whats next!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Looks like a lot of fun going on.....