Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silly Kiddos!

Lilly got some sandals for her birthday. When I was putting them away I noticed that they light up so I took them into the bathroom (Lilly and Reid were in the tub) and showed them to Lilly. She thought it was soooo great and had to get out IMMEDIATELY to put them on. I barely managed to get a diaper on her before she took off and started jumping all over the place!! She had a blast. I got it on video but am having some uploading issues (I can't find my video usb chord...apparently it matters for video).
And just because I am talking about her--I am going to brag on her a little bit. One--she has been doing a really great job on listening lately! Oh sure she still has some setbacks, but she is really doing a great job! She still puts herself in time out when she doesn't listen (and sometimes when she does) which is still funny. AND....
she has used the potty at least once a day for four straight days. Today, she has told me every time she had to do any business with one exception!! I am not even trying to potty train-I am just letting her interest lead the way! I am trying to keep from having any expectations as to when she might actually be "potty trained" but I think she is working toward it at a good pace!! She still has to go in the living room though. Haha. Whatever works for her at this point works for me! I am so proud of her!!
She is also a super jumper! She jumps with both feet off of the ground and can jump really high too!! My little smarty!
Nothing brings greater joy than seeing my little family playing and laughing together!
The other day Reid was carrying around Lilly's pink sparkly twinkle toe shoes. He makes a very specific "noise" when he wants something and he was making that noise and trying to get the shoes on his feet. So....
Matt put them on him. That was EXACTLY what he wanted. He walked around laughing and smiling just watching his feet as he walked!! It was hilarious!! There are no gender stereotypes in this household. Haha.
He kept getting mad because one shoe kept falling off. DeDe bought him some light up shoes to maybe help him out in a boyish way. Haha. We just love these two and don't know what we ever did for entertainment before them!

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