Thursday, September 16, 2010

MDO & Jillian Kate

Well--Lilly and Reid had their first day at Mother's Day Out!! They were supposed to start last week but Reid got sick on Wednesday so we had to sit it out. (Lilly had gotten sick the week before so we had to miss Open House...I said if anybody gets sick this week then we are dropping out! God doesn't want us in MDO!! Haha. Luckily...everyone is well!! Praise!!) Lilly all ready to go! She did so great!! She was just fine when I dropped her off--she gave me a hug and started playing! Her teachers sent a note home that said, "Great first day! Enjoyed classmates and does very well adjusting to new situations Sweet baby girl!" I am so proud of my baby girl!!! I was really worried because they have to nap at noon and her naptime isn't until 1:30. Plus they have to sleep on cots and she still sleeps in her crib. They said that she rested but didn't nap...resting doesn't get us kicked out of MDO so I am happy!
Reid all ready! He has just started to develop a little separation anxiety. On one hand, it is sweet to know that he loves me and wants to be with me...on the other hand, it makes it harder to leave him! He fussed when I dropped him off but was fine in a couple of minutes and did really good the rest of the day! He even took a one hour nap! His teachers sent a note home that said "Very good first day! (o:" His teacher also called tonight to say that she had forgotten to tell us he bumped his head on the changing table. I thought it was kind of funny because I wanted to say, "and...." -I am glad they are so cautious with my sweet boy.
They both have their own hooks to hang their stuff on with their names above it. Here is her stuff hanging up! I used MDO to run a couple of errands, have a lunch date with my handsome husband, AND....
went to visit Miss Jillian Kate Francis!!!! My friend Jennifer had this sweet baby girl last night at 11:58 about just barely squeaking in on the 15th! She weighed 9 pounds and was 20 1/4 inches long.
I got to hold this sweet little thing! She has the fullest face of any newborn I have ever seen. I could've just kissed all over that precious face!! (I practiced self-control and did not.)
Jennifer looks great...definitely not like she just had a baby! My friends could seriously give me a complex by how great they look post-labor! Haha.
When I held her, I started talking and she opened her eyes!! I think that she recognized my loud and chatty voice!! (c:
I think it is pretty easy to see why this Mommy is smitten! Congratulations guys!! I love her already!
I also got to see this handsome big brother! Congratulations big guy!
She had these precious (and DELICIOUS) cookies to give to people that came by the hospital...always the hostess!
After I picked up my babies, we came home and they were both ready for naps. So they had MDO and then naps....I pretty much did not know what to do with myself! I can tell you I didn't convince myself to put the laundry away or mop the floor....oh well....maybe next week!
On a side note, please pray for sweet baby Payne. He is 3 1/2 weeks old and has not made it back to his birth weight and his family could really use God's peace and comfort right now--they are really worried. Please pray that little Payne will gain some weight!
Oh, and Aunt Susan and Daryl-your post is tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe they are going to Mothers Day Out! They are growing up so fast...I love the first picture of Lilly. So pretty! Jennifers baby is precious. I am sure she was excited to have you visit. It is fun to have visitors at the hospital. Have a great weekend!