Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dancy Dance & Visitors!

Lilly and Reid are really into Yo Gabba Gabba right now. In particular...they love to "dancy dance". This is a video of Lilly dancing--Reid is walking all around the background...since I recorded this he has started dancing too! Susan and Daryl--this is what she wouldn't do when you guys were here! (I should also mention--she just got out of the bathtub and had to put her light up shoes on...I barely got her to put a diaper on. Also note Reid using the baby monitor as a phone.)
On Monday we had some very special visitors! Aunt Susan and Daryl came to see us (well...I think they might have actually come to see Lilly and Reid but I am pretending like they came to see Matt and I too. Haha!) Reid made an instant friend with Aunt Susan!
For their birthdays, Aunt Susan, Uncle Eddie, Daryl, and Lynn sent the kids Target gift cards. We took them to Target and got two Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs (that made for an AWESOME trip to Benton), a box of ABC books (which Lilly can identify several letters now--she brought me the "P" book and said "P"--child genius? I think so!), and these two activity center ride on toys. What blessed babies!!
To say they LOVE these would be a huge understatement.
They play with them ALL the time. The seats open and you can put stuff in their (Reid's has shapes that go through the sides) and Lilly loves storing stuff in them.
And as if that wasn't spoiling them enough...
they brought more gifts with them! Lilly got this purse and this set of keys that make the beep noise (like when you lock your car) and the engine starting noise...
Lilly LOVES them.
They brought Reid this tractor, too! Aunt Susan, Uncle Eddie, Lynn, and Daryl~our kids (and us) are so blessed to have you guys to just love on them and spoil them! We love you guys!!
Reid snuggled Aunt Susan pretty much all day long! They got here and we went and met Matt for lunch at Mojitos. I think Lilly scared Daryl out of ever having children because she threw a full out tantrum when we put her in the high chair. I think she scratched her arm and we didn't know it...either was dramatic. But then she got over it and the rest of lunch was pleasant!
We came back and hung out and talked while Lilly and Reid took a nap. It was so nice to talk to other adults during the day on a weekday!
After the kids got up, we watched them play and showed Aunt Susan and Daryl what they had been missing by not watching Yo Gabba Gabba (ha!) until Matt got off work. Then we went to a great local hamburger place. SOOO Good!
After that we came back to the house for a little more playing and picture taking!

Oh dinner Reid wanted to play with Aunt Susan's purse. When we got home...
he still wanted to play with Aunt Susan's purse. Haha. This boy is hysterical and clearly around girls way too much!
Daddy--you need to start showing him your wallet! Haha. Tonight we were busy giving Lilly Orajel (a two-man job) and he snuck in our bathroom and got into my make-up drawer. He ended up wearing my lipstick on both his face, hands, and teeth. Plus, he ate some. I think I may have to move my make-up drawer because it is just right at his height. Both him and Lilly are always in it. Anyway, back to my post topic.
Matt with Daryl. Thanks again for coming to see us guys! We had so much fun visiting with you both!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

We are inm to YO GABBA GABBA too...and I love Sandi's Christmas CD and I think I read in one of my trade mag that she is releasing a new one this year....Glad you stopped by

David Swetlow - Publisher, said...

You have sweet children! I love seeing photos of kids with their ride on toys as you can feel their fun and excitement ... childhood memories in the making like for many of us when we were kids. Just wait till they will want the battery powered Barbie jeep & Escalade ride ons :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! I really like the pic. of your Aunt and Lilly and you. Great picture! You still have to post house pictures. It looks really cute. I am glad you all enjoyed your time with family.

Adge said...

such cuties.