Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Rock Zoo

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend we decided to go to the Little Rock Zoo. Our family loves a zoo trip! DeDe, Matt, Lilly, Reid, and I got to see all kinds of animals including Lilly's favorite... "Monk, Monks!!" (The rest of you might know them as monkeys.) On a total side note-we left her stuffed monkey at a friend's house and all day today she said, "I want monk monk! I want monk monk!" If I would've figured out what we had done with it earlier--she would've gotten monk monk! She also makes monkey sounds and motions too. This girl LOVES monkeys! I tell her it is because she is part monkey...haha. If you think that is mean then you should try dressing her! (c:
This is close as we will get to Lilly looking at the camera in this post. She was far too interested in the animals. We could barely get her to leave one animal to look at another. She could've stayed all day long. She is sporting her razorback dress because it was game day!
This is the view that you will see in the remainder of the post! Haha.
She was very helpful pushing the stroller all around the zoo. She always wants to help push the stroller no matter where we go. She really is our sweet and helpful baby girl!
That is not a statue!
Ever since we saw these guys, Lilly is in love with Pink Flamingos.

She also got to feed the fish.
Reid really loved the fish too.
I was impressed by this big guy!
When Lilly saw this little guy she yelled "Kitty, Kitty!! Meow!" over and over again. I was (am) a proud mommy!
This bear was awesome....our favorite part of the zoo trip.
He was as close to us as he could possible get. I had to zoom out in order to take a picture of all of him...zooming in was too close! Both Reid and Lilly thought he was pretty cool...Reid just kept pointing and making excited noises.
There was a drop off so he couldn't get to us. He would stand on the very edge and sniff us. SOOO cool!
Lilly "roaring" at the bear. She also tried to offer the animals her sonic drink least she wants to share...I count it as progress!
LOVE this little guy! He has been so funny lately-his personality is just really coming out and he is going to be such a fun guy!
Daddy's girl...makes me smile to see these two together.
giraffe (I know--you all probably already know your animals--maybe it is the teacher in me but i just can't leave them unlabeled.)
Tiger...Lilly always lets out a very excited "roar" when we talk about or see tigers. We had such a great trip. You have to go to the zoo on a nice day because that is when all of the animals are out and we have been blessed with two awesome zoo trips this year.
Reidster was WORN OUT. He fell asleep on the stroller ride to the car...more like passed out doubled over in the stroller. Haha.

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The Coleman Family said...

That picture of Reid asleep in his car seat is precious! Isn't it funny how they can fall asleep ANYWHERE when they are so worn out?! I bet they loved the zoo!