Friday, December 21, 2012

Bring Someone Special Day

Last week was "Bring Someone Special Day" at Kid's Day Out.
 On Monday Grandma Odie came to be Lilly's someone special.  Lilly was very excited that Grandma came to be in class with her.  For someone special day they got to come in the class for the first thirty minutes and see what goes on in the class and then have a special snack. 
 Grandma read to Lilly before KDO started.  Then we read a class book about the symbols of Christmas and then we did an activity together that tied into the book.  (I can tell you what we did since I am the teacher in that room.  I was also a little bit nervous about teaching in front of my grandma.)
 Then they went and had a special snack. 
 Reid went out to have a special snack with them, too.
Lilly has asked if Grandma was coming with her every KDO day since then.  She really liked having a special guest and I am so glad she got to come, too! 
On Thursday it was Reid's special day and Matt came to be his special guest.  They did a special craft and had a special snack.  Matt said Reid refused to participate while he was there.  On the note home it said, "Reid was so very excited to have his special guest today!"  I showed it to Matt and he said, "Whoever wrote that is a liar!  You can't trust them anymore!"  We have laughed and laughed about that.  I think he was excited Matt was there and was just acting out a little bit.  ( ;  And then, just like on Monday, Lilly got to go out and have snack with Daddy, too.  We sure do our love our special guests and are thankful they are in our lives!


Courtney said...

Aww I am sure that was such a special day for the kids. I have to admit, I think I would be nervous teaching in front of my grandma too!

Children’s day nursery mk said...

Definitely it was very special day for kids. I really like your shared snaps, it looks very pretty. Your grandma has felt very proud for you, when you were teaching in front of grandma.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they had such a special time! What a wonderful day! I am sure it meant a lot to Grandma. Hope you all had a very special Christmas! Wishing you many blessings for 2013!