Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie Decorating

 Our day 7 activity was to make and decorate cookies.  We made the from-scratch-from-a-bag kind of cookies (sugar and gingerbread.)
 Cutting out fun shapes. 
 Reid was excited to make cookies.  When we made salt-dough ornaments he kept calling them cookies so he was excited that we were going to get to eat these!
 After we made the cookies at home we packed them up and met up with Grandma Odie, Aunt CiCi, Rachel, Marshall, and Eva Kate.  We had lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant and then headed back to Grandma Odie's to decorate some cookies.
 Lilly, Marshall, Reid, and Eva Kate.  You can see Reid licking some icing off of his finger. 
 Take 2.  Ha! 
 Sprinkle Time! 
 Reid is pretty conservative on cookie toppings. 
 Marshall--his cookie was pretty impressive--he covered it in white and then put red stripes on it.
 Eva Kate decorating hers. 
 Lilly squeezing with all her might...
and this is right after I caught her sucking the icing out of the tube. Ha!
 And we can't ever visit without feeding the ducks and fish!  (If you can see Reid's hand--he has a TON of bread in his hand about to throw it over.)
 Happy ducks and fish!
 Rachel showing the proof that Lilly was offered a jacket because it was cold outside.  Lilly prefers "cold arms."
 Watching the ducks and fish.  We had a great time spending time with Grandma Odie and the cousins! 
 Friday night was Friday Night Out and it was pajama night!  (Are you not dying laughing at Lilly and Reid's facial expressions in this picture??)
 The kids watched Polar Express and had hot chocolate and Matt and I went to dinner with some friends and then did a little Christmas shopping before we ran into some other friends for dessert.  I just can't say enough times what a blessing Friday Night Out is for us and what a great marriage ministry it is--I am so thankful our church does this! 
I hope you are all enjoying some holiday fun.  I have had a few too many cookies and am thinking that "holiday pants" needs to be invented.  They should be like maternity pants but they would be socially acceptable to wear even though you are not pregnant and they should be a little bit more stylish than sweats...but at least as comfortable.  Ha!  A girl can dream, right?

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