Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Countdown fun w/MoMo and PaPa Ray

Well it is one week from Christmas and my to-do list is so long I don't even know where to begin!  I just picked up our Christmas Cards today (still need to stuff, address, and stamp them), I haven't wrapped a single present, I am only halfway done shopping, the house is a mess, and the laundry is out of control!  And to be real honest, in light of Friday's tragic news, that all seems pretty unimportant.  It also feels a little off to be blogging about our happy Christmas fun.  But the, "Hey!  You are slacking on the blog!" phone calls started today.  So while I am waiting on load number four (of at least seven) to finish in the dryer--I am going to blog and stuff and address envelopes all at the same time.  Because I am talented like that. 
 Last weekend (not the one that just happened, but the one before that) MoMo and PaPa Ray came to visit.  (Also, on another sad note, PaPa Ray's mom passed away unexpectedly yesterday so if you could please join me in praying for his family during this time.)  Ahem, now for the happy.  While they were in town we went on the Holiday Express Train. 

 Reid was excited on the way to the train station.  Once we got there he decided he didn't want to ride the train anymore.  This is his new thing lately--we will be going somewhere and then when we get there he will throw a fit saying he doesn't want to be there.  It is frustrating because the whole time I know he will like whatever we are doing...especially a train ride.  After a few minutes he decided he was happy to be there and we were ready to go! 
 One of the family's that works with my mom were in town and they joined us on the train ride.  Reid was happy to have Peyton to play with on the train! 
All ready!
All aboard!
 Once we were off they served cookies...
and hot chocolate!
 Tasty!   Nice mustache kid!  Ha! 
 Looking out the window and pointing out the things they were seeing.
 Then the train stopped and this was Lilly's face when she saw Santa. 
 We were at the front of the train and he started at the back so we had to wait a while to see him.  Lilly was so excited to see him but when he got up there she got shy.  That is until Santa said (on his own with no prompting from me), "Do you still want those princess barbie dolls?"  Well I guess those were the magic words because her and Santa were best friends after that.  Ha! 
 Right now if you ask Lilly what she wants she will say, "A baby that eats and pees and comes with wipes."  (And this Momma thinks...in a whiny voice..."Buuuuuut I juuuuuust got you two OUT of diapers!")  If you ask Reid he says, "Cars!"  But Lord have mercy if you take Reid through a toy aisle he will point out 852 things to add to his "Christmas List." 
 While MoMo was in town we also went to go see Rise of the Guardians. 
All of MoMo's managers were in town because their big company Christmas party was last week so we got together with all of them and had dinner.  It is always good to see the people you hear about regularly!  ( :  We had fun and played lots of games.  I don't want to brag but I did win a travel coffee mug for my skills.  ( ;  Lilly also won the above "Snowball Fight" for singing a Christmas Carol (she sang Mary Rode a Donkey) and we have had SO MUCH fun with this!! 

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Courtney said...

I know it is hard to think about things being fun after Fridays tragedy, but life goes on. Kids need to feel like things are normal. Plus I have wanted to soak up every extra minute of fun with my niece and nephew since the tragedy. That train ride looks like so much fun.