Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MamMa Lovin'

 While we were at Mike and DeDe's we went by to see MamMa!  Matt and Lilly were excited for her to come out to see us, too. 
 MamMa checking out baby Breanna.
 Lilly fixing Bert's hair.  He really shouldn't have come with it in such a mess--it just isn't proper!  Ha!
 Hahaha.  "Look here Uncle Bert!"
 Breanna getting some snuggles. 
 Trying to get a picture with the monkeys kids. 

 Lilly had just given MamMa a kiss on the cheek.  I was too slow to catch the kiss but got this picture.  Apparently it was a good kiss! 
 Pure sweetness!
 Hugs and snuggle time.

 Lilly's turn!
We sure do love that MamMa!!

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Courtney said...

What a great visit. I'm sure she enjoys the time with the little ones.