Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day One: Oh Christmas Tree!

 Well it worked out great that the 1st was a Saturday since it was "decorate the Christmas tree" day at our house.  We started out with a fun, festive breakfast!
 Then we got straight to work!  I didn't take a picture of all of the tree fluffing that happened before this--but at some point all four of us were fluffing trees.  Ha!  It took Lilly a minute to figure out how to get the hooks to stay on the tree.  As soon as she did, though, she was on it!
 She hung all of her ornaments on her tree all by herself!  It is crazy how much has changed in just a year.  She is getting so big and is able to do so much more.
 Her and her tree!
 She loves it and says that it is beautiful. 
 All lit up in the day...
 and all lit up at night.
 Daddy and Reid decorating Reid's tree.  Matt said that Reid put the first few ornaments on and then wanted Matt to help him finish. 

 Reid and his tree!

 All lit up in the day...
 and at night. 
 The kids watched the original Frosty the Snowman while I decorated the big tree and then they helped add the special ornaments to the tree.  You can find them all located at the bottom where they are hanging in groups.  Ha!  I had to hold myself back from fixing them but now I think they are pretty precious right where they are. 
 The mantle.  Looks like a good photo opp for two little cuties I know! 
 Th entry table. 
 This is to the right of our stove...
 and this is to the left.
 This is the area by our fridge...also featuring my Christmas present from Matt...the Keurig.  I am LOVING it.  Yes, I know it isn't Christmas yet, but I got it a little early.  ( ; 
And this is next to our sink.  These are the kids "one foot" Christmas trees they made for me last year at church.  I love having the house all decorated.  Reid is obsessed with the big tree.  I think he has touched it more this year than any other year in the past but he just loves it.  He says it is pretty.  Lilly loves the Santa in front of the fire place.  I caught her talking to him today.  Ha! 


Anonymous said...

I am loving their trees!! And all of the Christmas decor. It looks lovely. Merry Christmas!!

Courtney said...

Your trees look great! I love that each of the kids have their own trees. My grandma and I were shopping this summer and found a great deal on a Keurig so she bought it and put it away for my Christmas, so I am patiently waiting.