Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mistletoes & Gingerbread House Contest

Well these two cuties are loving our advent calendar fun!  And I am loving making sweet memories together as a family.  Day 5 was a Wednesday and Wednesdays can be crazy days around here.  Our activity of the day was to make a Christmas craft.
 So we made "mistletoes" with their sweet little feet...
 and then I finally hung them up tonight.  I plan on using these an excuse to get lots of sweet baby kisses!  (: 
 Wednesday morning was our monthly KDO staff meeting and it was my turn to bring some snacks (along with a couple other wonderful ladies.)  I made two super easy/fast and festive snacks (both ideas from Pinterest.)  The top one is just a block of cream cheese cut in half diagonally and then put together to make a Christmas tree and then I just poured some red pepper jelly on it.  Seriously under 5 minutes to make and set up cute!  And that includes the time it took me to cut a starburst into a star shape.  Ha!
 And then this little pigs-in-a-blanket wreath.  You can make these from crescent rolls and little smokies...or you can do like I did and buy them from Sam's (and I think even Wal-Mart now) and then you just have to throw them in the oven and bake them.  Again, so simple! 
 Wednesday afternoon I found these two hanging out like this and I just thought it was so precious! 
 Wednesday night was our small group Christmas party and we had a men vs women gingerbread house decorating contest.  There was a lot of whispering and laughing going on at the men's table.  And a lot of secrecy.  Ha! 
 Us girls were talking and we looked over and saw that the guys had already started and had their structure together so we just started putting our house together and then everyone just started decorating. 
 The guys presenting their house...
 Here is their house.
 Please note baby Jesus in a life raft in a coy pond.
As part of their presentation they lit the what I am guessing were landscaping lights.
 And here is the back of the house. 
 And here are the girls with our house.
 Please note the adorable candy cane light post. 
And here is the back.  There were 6 couples there so obviously there was a tied vote.  (However Facebook and Twitter did reveal an obvious winner.  Ha!)  We all had lots of fun and I really enjoyed the creativity of the men on their gingerbread house!  I just love our small group and getting to "do life" with such fun people. 

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