Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Wonder Place

The Saturday after Thanksgiving DeDe, the kids, and I went to The Wonder Place-it is a lot like a Children's Hands-On Museum.  DeDe and I had Black Friday shopped all Friday so we decided to take the kids Saturday and the let the guys watch football without interruption.  Plus, we had missed the littles while we were shopping...not enough to take them with us on Black Friday...but they were missed.  Anyway, the kids LOVED it. 
 They did some art while they were there.  Reid loves to squeeze the glue...
 and Lilly loves to cut with scissors.  That makes for some happy kiddos! 
 Here are their finished products.  Reid decided to glue his pieces on just a plain orange sheet.  Also--Lilly wrote her name completely on her own.  She has been writing it for a while on her own but I have just failed to mention it. 
 They have a water area and lots of things to play in the water so we checked that out. 

 There was a grocery store area and Lilly got a basketfull.
 Notice that Reid has all his strawberries lined up.  I love his facial expression in both of these pictures. 

 Lilly waiting to check out.  She told DeDe she was waiting her turn.  (: 
 Then they had a big kitchen area where the kids made sandwiches and ice cream cones.

 Lilly is saying, "Here you go baby.  Do you need anything else sweet heart?"  It was so funny!
 Lilly and her tower she is clearly so proud of--and she should be!  ( : 
 Reid checking out the pattern blocks (or tangrams as we always called them).
 Lilly built this "garden" out of Legos and I was so proud I took her picture and then she said she wasn't finished...
 so she covered the whole thing.  I was so impressed with her follow through on this! 
 Reid in the tunnel playing some more. 
 They had a veterinarian office and Lilly took good care of the animals!
 She even did a couple of x-rays.
 And then put all the animals in their "home".  All together.  In one carrier.  They each had a cubby but she insisted they didn't want to be alone and that they all wanted to be together.
 Reid played in the sand.  Better there than at our house, I say!  Ha! 

 Reid spent a good chunk of his time on this thing. 
On our way there he said, "Mommy is there going to be a slide?"  He was really happy when we got there and there was, indeed, a slide. 
 Borrowing one of the cats from the vet's office. 
 Taking the cat down the slide.  Because, you know, all cats love to slide.  ( ;
 Climbing up the rock wall.
 Smiling from the top of the club house.
 Running in circles around the tree in the middle.
 Playing with the barn.

 They had a great time and didn't want to leave. If you guys only knew the trouble I went through to try and get this picture!  (:  I just don't understand why they don't want me to capture every aspect of their cuteness!!  Ha! 

Love fun days hanging with these two and DeDe! 

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Courtney said...

What a fun way to spend part of your Thanksgiving holiday.