Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 3: Nativity

(NOTE:  If you missed our family photos--check out the post below.)
Our day three activity was to tell The Christmas Story using our Little People Nativity.
 The kids love this nativity and I highly recommend it!  Now we have sung our "Mary Rode a Donkey" song all year long.  It is one of their favorite songs and we pretty much sing every night at bedtime.  So, with that being said, Lilly pretty much told the story all by herself and Reid helped out a lot, too. 
 Lilly was singing the song here. 
 She was also very serious about using the little people appropriately.
 Here she is blocking Reid from putting the donkey where the angel goes.  Ha! 
 I found nativity window clings on Michaels for a dollar so I got each one of them a set and they each got to create their own nativity scene. 
 We had them tell us what each thing was as they pulled them off of the paper and put them up. 
 Reid with his finished nativity.  Reid has pretty much gone to wearing only underwear around the house.  I am just happy they are not inside out and backwards in this picture! Ha!  I just love that kid! 
Lilly and her nativity scene.  It blesses my heart to hear these two sweeties telling the story of Jesus' birth.  They have continued to play with the Little People Nativity each day.  Lilly plays with it appropriately while she sings her song.  Reid chunks the Little People at the Christmas tree and the ornaments...and sometimes I hear him saying the story to himself, too.  ( : 

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