Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christmas Day

Well we had planned on being home Christmas morning but because of some winter weather in the forecast we decided to be safe and head to Mike and DeDe's Christmas Eve instead. 
 On Christmas morning the kids woke up to this.  (Reid's above. Lilly's below.)
 Next year Santa will practice more restraint. ( ;   He just found really good deals! 
 Opening it up.  The kids are at such a fun age for Christmas. 

 They were both thankful, too. 
 Bucky has been a huge hit! 
 And of course everything princess is, too! 

 They got a variety of things--the little wagons for toys or dolls (they love to put a bunch of stuff in them and drag them all over the house), some books, Cars toys for Reid, Princess toys for Lilly, new tooth brush holder w/cup, bath stuff, and a scentsy animal for their rooms.  They had a blast making Christmas lists this year.  Maybe next year we can work on being a little more selective and only putting favorite things on them instead of EVERY. Thing. They. Saw.  Haha! 
 Lilly and Reid were SO EXCITED to give Baby Breanna her Christmas present.
 She enjoyed the tissue paper!
 The donkey laughs when you tickle it and it's ear move while it is laughing.  It is pretty hysterical.  Reid was showing her how to work it. 
 Opening presents from Uncle Bert, Aunt Becca, Breanna, Mike, and DeDe.  These poor underprivileged children!!  (That would be written in sarcastic font if there was one.)

 We had planned on getting together with more family that evening...
 but the winter weather did come and so everybody stayed where they were.  We sure did miss seeing everyone that day but loved having a White Christmas.  It sleeted all afternoon and then turned to snow that night.  We definitely made the right choice leaving early! 
Feeling it.  Notice he has my boots on.  (:

 They were so excited!!
Beautiful!  Around 9:30 we lost power and headed to bed for the night.  Lilly and Reid said it was the best Christmas ever.  (:

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Lynn said...

Sara, the Christmas presents for the kids from Bill and me are still at the house in Perryville. Make sure you get them from my Mom!