Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christmas with MoMo

 We started our round of Christmas celebrations with MoMo, PaPa Ray, Aunt "Michelly" and her family.  MoMo has everybody sit in a circle to open presents.  Here are these two waiting and excited for their presents. 
 Silly faces!
 Matt super thrilled I am documenting this.  (:  I am convinced one day he will thank me for my family documentation.  Ha! 
 MoMo always does elaborate wrapping.  We were so spoiled blessed at Christmas!
 MoMo got both Reid and Lilly a brand new bike!!

 Lilly rode her bike all the way to the park the other day!  I am so proud of her and how fast she picked up on riding a bike since this is first one! 
 Reid likes to walk his around.  Haha! 
 For Lilly and Reid's cousins I tied up one dollar bills and put them in an ornament...
 they thought it was great!!

 Blayne thought it was pretty funny, too. 
And Jackson has his cash out, unrolled, and in his pocket in about 1 minute.  Ha!  We played lots of games and my grandma and Aunts and Uncles came later but somehow I didn't get any pictures of them...or myself.  I promise I was there kids!  Next year I am going to have to write on my hand to get in the pictures!! 

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