Thursday, March 28, 2013

No More "Pappy"

 Well a couple of weeks ago Reid gave up his paci. Or as he has always called it... his pappy. He has only had at night time and nap time for a looooooonnnnng time but I just haven't had the heart to take it away.  We have been talking about how he is too big for it and how it is time to start thinking about giving them away for months now.  We even took all of his pacis to Benton to give to Baby Breanna at Christmas...but we just couldn't do it.  And by we...I mean me...Matt has been ready.  What can I say??  He is heartless!  Ha!  In my mind he is still just a baby.  Anyway we had forgotten his paci at home one day for KDO and was a total toot during nap time so as punishment he didn't get it when we got home and did just fine that nap time.  So when he got up we struck a deal that if he gave up his paci completely that we would go to Chuck E Cheese at the end of the week.  And he did.  So we did. 
 Lilly was THRILLED.  They have both been begging to go to CEC so it all worked out great! 
 And we had Trevor and Hayes (and Lisa) there, too, so it was even more fun.
 He honestly did great.  I couldn't believe how easy he took giving it up but I think the fact that we had been discussing it for a few months helped him get used to the idea. 
 So proud of my baby boy!  ( ;  Of course now he thinks he is all grown up. 
This is how he left the house.  He had two different shoes on.  I did point that out to him and he didn't care.  He also had a shirt on that was too big and and pants that were too small (but he said fit perfectly...ummm...maybe last year.  Ha!)  But because of his new found bigness he insisted on dressing himself and because it was his special day, I just went with it.  I just could not love him more! 


Courtney said...

Way to go Reid. Logan and Madison were both very good at giving theirs up. Logan dropped his in a fountain in an office building and that was just the end of his. Madison came to my house to stay for a week. I put it away and she never asked for it since. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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