Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last of Christmas Countdown Activities

Well we didn't get to all of our activities this year...but I figured that would probably be the case.  (:  We got sick right before Christmas so that last few days just didn't happen. 
 We did manage to put together our neighbor gifts.
 I wanted to do something the kids could put together so we got oven mits and stuffed them with a cookie mix and a wooden spoon.
 They LOVED putting them together and passing them out!
They were really disappointed more people weren't home but we did pass them out during the day on a weekday.  We will have to plan better next year.  (: 

We made snowman pizza.
 It was definitely kid-approved!  They have asked for this no less than 100 times since then. 
 We built a gingerbread house.  This ended up being a disaster.  This was the night that the sickness was starting but I just thought I was tired.  I had bought this gingerbread village kit thinking it was going to be easy...except that it was all broke (probably because it fell off of our counter).  I tried to icing them together anyway but every time I got one house done...another one would fall apart again. 
 So I just busted out the graham crackers.  The kids enjoyed eating the candy and putting it on the house.
 And sneaking some frosting.

TaDa!  Once again, we loved our Christmas Countdown.  Next year I am going to add gift wrapping and address Christmas cards and rest as days on our countdown so I am not trying to do that plus another activity.  I absolutely love the Christmas season and all the sweet memories we make during that time of year...all while celebrating the birth of Jesus!  (: 

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