Friday, March 1, 2013


Well I have missed the blog world!  I am enjoying catching up on what everyone has been up to!  I will do a little IPhone/Instagram photo catch up since I still have not found my camera battery charger...but I haven't done a ton more looking either.  It's on my to-do list.  ( ; 
 The weekend after Matt's birthday we headed to Benton to celebrate with (and see) some family!  We went to YaYa's for dinner and we ordered a couple of desserts for the table to share--a brownie, a bread pudding, and then the kids' meals came with Ice Cream with oreos and gummy worms.  Reid was ALL IN at dessert time.  I know he ate just as much bread pudding as I did. 
 While we were there Lilly willingly went to bed while other people (i.e. Reid and baby Breanna) were up and then on Sunday she laid on the couch and said, "I think I'm going to take a nap."  I very sarcastically said, "Oh, ok." because this has NEVER happened before...but she actually did.  I suspected she was sick.  I kept taking her temperature there and it kept saying she didn't have one but when we got home she had a 102 fever.  I love my sweet little girl but the ONLY times she has ever laid down and went to sleep on her own initiative have been when she was sick. 
 Reid came out of Mike and DeDe's room with Mike's shirt on.  He has done this with a couple of my shirts, too.  (My clothes are on the bottom of the closet--he can't reach Matt's.)  Every time it is hilarious. 
 We went by and saw MamMa and what luck we had because Cars (the movie) was on!  Reid climbed up in MamMa's lap and watched until it was time to go. 
 Hanging out and watching some tv while Lilly was running a fever.  Thankfully she was just a little more tired than normal and never really seemed to feel bad.  I love that her and Reid like to sit in the same chair and watch tv together. 
 We got snow!  It came in the morning and was gone by naps!  The kids were beside themselves excited.
 Reid loves to eat snow.  In fact, the other day it snowed again and while the snow was falling, Reid said at least 20 times, "Mommy snow is good to eat!"  And Lilly replied ALL 20 times, "But not if it has grass on it!"  Ha! 
 This little snow angel loves to make and throw snowballs. 
 Enjoying their snow day! 
 Okay so I almost didn't post this but it was so funny...I look up to see a white booty and Reid peeing in the snow while saying, "Look Mommy I'm in the bathroom outside!"  Oh the joys of life with a boy.  ( ; 
And while I am at pictures that will embarrass him later in life...his bottom has been providing me with laughs all week.  We went to a local kids gymnastics place and because his underwear are on backwards (at his insistence because he wanted the big Lightning McQueen in the front and not the back) Reid's little crack was constantly on display. 
 Lilly drew her very first pictures of me the other day!!!  She said, "Look Mommy I even gave you a pony tail and you look soooo beautiful!"  I am pretty proud of her art skills! 

Also I drew a picture of Lilly and showed it to Reid and he looked at it and said, "Where is her tiara??"  I laughed--but he is so right--she is always wearing a tiara. 
 She also wrote DeDe's name all by herself the other day!  She is starting to get the whole letter/sound connection and reads a couple of (3-letter) words.  Her KDO has a wonderful phonics program (yes I am her KDO teacher but not her phonics teacher so I can not take credit for this) and they have been working on reading certain word families and she is starting to get it! 
 While I am at bible study they do a bible study for the kids as well.  They were talking about the book of Lamentations and asked each child what made them sad.  Reid's response?  "When dad didn't give him a fork when he was eating his brownie."  It is a tough life for that boy.  I am thankful those are his biggest problems!  And I love that he takes that to the Lord in prayer, too.
I am reading a couple of books right now and I am LOVING The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson!  I am only a couple of chapters into the book but it is SO good. Hopefully I can get back in the swing on blogging and share what God has been working on in my heart lately!  

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Courtney said...

Maybe Lilly needs to add-Don't eat yellow snow. Silly boy! Hope everyone is feeling better. I was down last weekend with the yuckies. Nothing major, I just felt bad and wanted to sleep.