Sunday, March 10, 2013

Silver Dollar City

Well I figured since we celebrated Easter with MoMo today that I should probably blog about our trip to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights tonight.  Ha! 
 Back in December we took the kids to Silver Dollar City for the first time.  Matt and I had been before but never at Christmas time.  Although I didn't get many pictures of the actual lights--they are everywhere and so beautiful!  We spent most of our time during the day at the kid rides.  It turns out that Lilly and Reid LOVE to ride the rides!  At first they wanted to go on the rides where they had to ride with an adult so DeDe and I rode with them. 
 They liked to hold down the red button that kept us up in the air. 
 Then we found the rides they could ride by themselves! 
 During the day we had to wait for a few minutes in line. 
 I love this picture! 
 At night--there were no lines and they got to ride as many times as they wanted!  Which was about 5,000 times.  Ha!  We shut the park down!!

 They really loved this frog ride.  The frog carts jump up and down in a circle.  Sounds nauseating to me but they LOVED it. 
 We also went to a big play area.  This tube sucks the balls up in it.
 And then there is this gun that shoots the balls out. 
 Then the balls go up on this thing and fall out at the top.
 The kids had so much fun! 
 We watched a Frosty the Snowman show and we were all entertained.  There was a lot of improv going on by the actors/actresses and it was hilarious. 
 Then we found a good spot and waited for the parade to start! 
This guy was at the beginning of the parade. 
 Everything was covered in lights.  There were even princesses in dresses that were covered in lights. 

We had a great time!!

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Courtney said...

What a great place to visit. The parade looks beautiful.