Thursday, March 21, 2013

White Christmas

Well the day after Christmas the kids were ready to play in the snow. 
 We did all the snow-type activities including make snow angels.

 Play in it.
 Throw LOTS of snowballs. 

 Also we were so thankful for all that MoMo put in our stockings because at some point that week--I think we used it all!  Including the hat and gloves for each of the kiddos! 
 I was trying to get a picture of her throwing a snowball at me but I moved the camera dodging.  I do love her sweet eyes and that hat, though! 

 Catching flakes on his tongue.
 Eating a little snow.  I think this is when he decided snow was delicious.  Today (during spring break mind you) it was snowing huge flakes and Reid looked outside and said, "It's snowing!  That looks yummy!"
Our family photo.  Can you tell we rolled out of bed, bundled up, and walked right outside?  (: 

 We made this sad looking little snowman.  Ha!  I can't look at the picture without laughing.  It looks like a skeleton snowman.
 And we made snow ice cream. 
 So, yeah, the kids had the best time ever. 
 We decided since we still didn't have power we were going to go to Peggy's because she had power--so Matt shoveled the driveway.  Leave it my man to be outside in a t-shirt and his pants rolled up into shorts outside in the snow.  Love that man! 
We saw trees down on our way everywhere--in fact, one of them fell into Mike and DeDe's garage room and put a hole in it.  We were so thankful for a warm place to stay and everyone safely together, and of course for the fun memories! 

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