Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Day Out

 Well a couple of weeks ago it was Dr Seuss Day at KDO and it just so happened that my co-teacher and I were in charge of that special day.  Between both of us having sick kids for the past few months and a crazy busy month--it took a small miracle to pull it off but God provides and it was both a success and fun!  The kids and I went as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I have to admit I thought we were pretty cute!  Also, I did not get any ideas from Pinterest for our yeah, I was feeling pretty creative.  Ha!  Lilly and Reid LOVED Dr. Seuss Day.  Reid was in character, too.  He referred to me as Cat in the Hat and Lilly as Thing 1 All. Day. Long! We also had to call him Thing 2.  Gosh I love those two!  Lilly has also had me read Green Eggs and Ham 100 times and they both want to try green eggs and ham.  Ha!  Maybe soon? 
 We had been really busy that week so on Friday I just wanted to hang out with Lilly and Reid and have a day to do what they wanted to do.  The first place they wanted to go was the library.  Of the two hours we were there only 10 minutes of that was spent looking at books.  The rest of the time was on the computer.  I just love the cuteness of those big headphones on their little heads. 
 They played several learning games and just loved it.  They did not want to leave either. 
 There is a local place where you can go and use their Ellison machines to cut things out so we swung by there bc I had to cut a few things out.  As you can see from this blurry picture--Lilly was cutting her own things out and Reid was taking pictures with my phone.  We had a great time and they were entertained cutting a piece of paper into several pieces. 
After that the kids asked if we could go to Hammontrees for lunch.  I was happy to say yes because I LOVE that place!  We had a fun, low-key afternoon and I was so thankful to have the day to just focus on and love on them. 

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