Saturday, March 23, 2013

MoMo & DeDe Time

 A couple weekends ago MoMo was in town and Lilly, MoMo, and I had a girls day.  (Don't feel bad for Reid--he had a Daddy and Reid day where they went to the baseball game and a birthday party.)  We went shopping at Marshall's and Homegoods-I had never been to a Homegoods before that was fun but there were SO many people out shopping it was crazy! 
 We stopped and had lunch at MiMi's Cafe and Lilly ordered herself a gourmet lunch (which she devoured I might add.)  Then we did a little more shopping...
 which wore a girl out!  My plan was for her to take a short nap b/c it was time change Sunday and I wanted her to go to bed early so this worked out perfectly. 
 My nephew Ethan turned 8 so we went over to help him celebrate!  Can't believe he is already 8! 
 He is SUPER into football right now.  My sister made him some football team art to hang on his wall.  We found him some little football men that are like those little plastic green army men and they were a hit! 
After that we went and got our nails done and went and let them pick out a new pair of pajamas.  We had a great girls' day! 
 That Sunday we celebrated Easter with MoMo.  She gave both of the kids an Easter basket loaded with goodies!  My favorite was the bible words dictionary for preschool kids!
 We had a great visit with MoMo and PaPa Ray!
 Then last weekend DeDe came to see us!  We did a little shopping and ate at lots of yummy places!  I promise I don't shop all the time--just when the grandparents are in.  Ha!
 I bought this bathing suit and hat for Lilly a couple weeks ago and while we were shopping I found it in Breanna's size, too.  I can't wait to see them both all cute and matching this summer! 
 DeDe got Reid this shirt for St. Patrick's Day so he rocked it on Sunday! 

 He was so cute that I probably had to pinch his cheeks anyway.  ( ; 
 And She got Lilly this sassy outfit, too.  Or maybe it isn't the outfit that is sassy.  ( :
We had a great weekend with DeDe and were so glad she came to visit!

 These two kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE their grandparents and are so blessed to have such great ones!
 Then my sweet coteacher Jaime came to work last Thursday at 41 weeks pregnant!  Champion!  I told our boss--if I am ever pregnant again--don't expect me past 35 weeks.  Ha!!  But seriously.
On Sunday Luke finally came out to meet us!  He is just precious and looks so much like his older brother Mason. 

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Anonymous said...

Ya'll have been having all sorts of fun!! I love that swim suit! So precious!