Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Thanksgiving

We headed down to B-town Wednesday. Lilly stayed awake almost the whole trip-happy, but awake. So, when we got there, she was pretty tired. That night, she slept from 8 to 8! She ate and then took another nap.
On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at MoMo's with one wild bunch. Then, we had dinner at Grandma Debbie's (or DeeDee as we are trying that name out) and Grandpa Mike (or DooDoo...haha...just kidding) with the other wild bunch. She has no shortage of cousins! There was so much good food. Next year she will get to enjoy some 1st hand.
Friday, we went Black Friday shopping. We started out at 11:30...walked into Kohls...saw the line...decided to eat lunch first. After lunch, the crowds weren't bad at all. I pretty much only shopped for Lilly b/c she is just so easy to shop for. So, Saturday she watched football with Daddy, and I went shopping with her MoMo and got much more shopping accomplished. We also went by and saw Granddaddy. She slept the whole visit. Sunday, we ate lunch and headed home to beat the weather (she slept the whole way home this time). We made a stop to see GG Odie, Aunt CiCi, and Uncle Greg (Thanks for taking care of the big puppies for us while we were gone). As you can tell, we were busy. I wasn't very good at taking pictures while we were gone, but here are a few.
Hanging with Ray.

She liked Thomas and Ray. She just sat on Ray's lap. She gave Thomas some smiles. It is so sweet to see them together. This summer I was thinking, I don't know how a girl will fit in with these rough boys, but she fits in great!

Eating some dinner with Ray. She didn't spit up on him like she did last time. (Last time, she spit up on him everytime he held her.)
Today (Monday), she was a little fussy -I suspect a tummy ache :( -, so I think we will stay home this week and give her time to rest. It was so good to see everyone and we had a great Thanksgiving.

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