Sunday, December 7, 2008

Date Night

Daddy and Lilly. It just melts my heart to watch these two together. She just lights up when he talks to her and she is just his little joy.
Mommy and Lilly. I was getting ready for our date. Matt and I are so blessed to have family willing to watch Lilly. They fight over whose turn it is. Tonight, my aunt Theresa and uncle Mike watched her while we went to watch Four Christmases--funny movie. She also cooked dinner; she is such a great cook! Matt and I lived with them while we were waiting for our house to be finished and I think we both lost weight after leaving and sunk into a depression b/c we are forced to live off of our cooking!
This is my favorite picture!! She just kind of cocked her head to the side to look at me.
So precious.
She has really been starting to focus on her hands. She holds her own hands.
Another cute photo. This poor girl isn't going to have any childhood photos.

I think she is beginning to do something naughty with her hand...I thinkI am seeing the beginning of the bird. I am really posting this picture so you can see the whole outfit. We are starting to wear the beginning of our Christmas wardrobe (I stress the word beginning).
Just kidding..the smiles are back.
Okay, so I know that is a ton of photos for one post, but I just couldn't choose. I wanted to add like 10 more-I am actually practicing self-restraint.

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