Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling Better

Lilly is feeling much better. Actually, she just had a tummy ache for a couple of hours on Monday, but I was truly traumatized. I am better now, too. It was the first time that she cried and I couldn't fix it in less than a couple minutes. When I finally figured out what it was--thank you mylecon and tylenol b/c we were able to fix it. She was an angel baby today--back to normal! GG Odie came and babysat while I went and got my teeth cleaned (thanks Lisa). Matt and I both have fresh smiles now.
Lilly is starting to grab things and she is getting the hang of it pretty fast. Here she is in the bath. She has also started sucking (and smacking) on her fist. During tummy time today, she managed to scoot on her own--a very small distance, but I was still like, "Hey, I am not ready for that!" She loves to stand and she cracks me up b/c she kind of flexes all of her muscles when she does it so it looks like she is posing and flexing--so cute!! Holding her toy.

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