Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Presents from Mommy and Daddy!

Since Santa is coming to DeDe's this year, Matt, Lilly, and I exchanged gifts tonight. We would put a little piece of the wrapping paper in her hand and then when she moved it would rip the paper....we are practicing opening our gifts!!
Loved playing with the paper and ribbons--she held onto that ribbon for like 10 minutes. She had it by one ribbon strand just dragging it around.
Well hello Mr. Turtle rattle--so nice to meet you! This was her favorite toy. She wouldn't even check out anything else in the stocking.
You got this for me??
We put Lilly in her Bumbo (the seat) for the first time tonight. She really liked it. She is smiling at daddy in this pic.
This was my baby blanket from when I was little. She just kept rubbing that owl (that is where her hand is at). She just looked at it, and touched it, and cooed at it. It was really sweet. Yummy hands. Lilly loves those hands!!
Shake, rattle, and roll. Lilly is wearing her wrist rattles and rattle socks. Since she is always moving and grooving, there is a nice rattling noise that fills the air.
Tummy time! She is still rolling from her belly to her back and she is sooooo close to rolling from her back to her belly. She gets to her side and then goes back on her back. Well, I have to go finish packing so we can hit the road tomorrow....won't be posting again until we get back! Merry Christmas!

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