Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eventful Day!

Lilly and I had a busy day. After being cooped up due to the cold, we broke free! We saw Santa, went shopping, ate dinner, and played and played. Lilly is dressed and ready to go see Santa!! What a cutie.
Lilly with Santa. I am not sure how she managed to tell him what she wanted, but with a face like that, I am sure she will get it! She just looked at me the whole time like, "Watcha doing Mom?" Santa commented on what a good baby she is...looks like she made a good impression on the big guy! :-)
Lilly's MoMo met us at the mall after the Santa visit. I changed her clothes..her shirt says, "the best gift mom and dad ever got"...boy is that true!
Her shoes up close. I LOVE these shoes. The Bourns got these for her. Thank you, thank you, thank you....again, we LOVE them!
At dinner, laughing for her MoMo.

Haven't you taken enough pictures today, Mom???

(VIDEO above) The above is a video of Lilly's new trick. Press play to watch her rock! Please ignore my singing in the background, but that is what gets her rocking. I love it..she just started it out of the blue. She is so much fun!!!!!

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