Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting It Done (Like a Champion!)

Well, we haven't posted for a few days because we have been BUSY. Friday, we dragged daddy out to finish the last of the Christmas shopping. We are done. Hooray! A funny side story: we get to Wal-Mart and Matt goes to change Lilly's diaper and I go to the photo center to get some pictures developed (shock!). It takes me about 15 minutes. So, when I am done, I call Matt and see where he which he replies, "in the family restroom and we could really use some help!" I walk past the crowd of mothers and children waiting to get in the family restroom and walk in to find Lilly naked and pooh everywhere (while trying to change her clothes that she had poohed on-it got spread around). Even though it was gross, I just laughed and Matt repeatedly washed his hands. By the time we got cleaned up (a half a box of wipees later), the line had given up and moved on to their shopping.
On Saturday, we wrapped all of the gifts....we are ready for Christmas now. While making a hot chocolate mix that we had to mix in a bag, we were shaking it all about....well, the bag got a hole in it mid shake and I ended up covered from head to toe in hot chocolate mix--tis the season! Sunday was crazy! To start the day, Lilly's Uncle Mike came over with Hunter and Zane. This was the first time Hunter and Zane met Lilly. Zane asked, "did she come out of your belly". I said, "yes". He said, "do you have a new belly now?" Sooo cute. My nephew Ethan (3 years old) is still claiming to pregnant with his baby Lilly. This whole pregnancy thing has really confused the little guys. When I was still pregnant with Lilly, Eli (4 years old) asked where my baby was and when I told him it was in my belly, he got a strange look on his face and said, "Did you eat it?"
Uncle Mike and Lilly
Come on....act like you like each other. (-:
Mikey, Hunter, and Zane. Hunter is refusing to smile because all he wants for Christmas is his 3 top teeth.
We went to the Trumbos (no pics from that). Then, we went to GG Odie's church Christmas dinner. The BEST food...I look forward to it all year. It is like a big group of cooking Grandmas. Yum-O. This is a picture of Lilly and her Grandpa Dennis...who came scarily close to being on time. I am talking with in an hour...I'm just half-teasing dad!
Grandpa Dennis, Lilly, and Grandma Oksana
Oksana made this bib for Lilly. She cross-stitched it by hand. We love it.
Aunt GG and Lilly. I got several cute pics of the two of them, but I just love what Lilly is doing with her mouth...crazy girl!
GG Odie and Lilly. Can't you just feel the love, man? Well, this is an extremely long post with some side stories, or what Lilly's Uncle Bert calls a disturbing amount unnecessary details...hope we didn't go on too long-I was just having some blog withdraws.

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