Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three Months/ Christmas Party

Okay, so before the details, I need to say what an awesome husband Matt was this weekend(well, always is). This weekend he helped me clean for a get together he wasn't allowed to attend--girls thing. And I mean the type of clean he doesn't care anything about--dusting, mopping, hanging up the laundry....clean. He entertained Lilly and went the extra mile on stuff that I know didn't matter to him, he just did it because he knew I would be happy. He was so helpful and thoughtful. He is just such a great dad and I am just so blessed to have him. I just needed to share and publicly recognize how great he is. Now, enough with the sappy crap... Lilly turned three months old today (Monday--it is right around midnight). This picture was taken right before bed. Since she can grab things and move them around now, we had to take the blankets out of the bed. She now sleeps in these sleep sacks. LOVE them. I tried one when she was first born, but it swallowed her. Now, they are perfect. She stays warm and cozy and she can't smother herself with it. Bonus.
Lilly and I in our Christmas PJs. Her's say "Mommy's little joy".
On Sunday, I had a little Christmas party with a few of my old intern buddies. I do not miss writing numerous 30 page papers, but I do miss these gals. I forgot to take pictures until the very end (after everyone besides Lindsey had left). Lindsey and I are posing in our Christmas PJs--this was a very formal affair as you can see. Haha.
Cheese! I had the best time. We ate, swapped recipes (I was in need of some new ones), had an ornament exchange, and then made ornaments (pictures below). We were having so much fun we decided to keep it going and Lindsey's boyfriend and Cori's husband came over and we all played tribond and madgab. It had been so long since I played board games..I kind of forgot how much fun they are. Now, I want to have a game night or something.
I made ornaments with Lilly's footprint on them. Harder than it looks. I tried to do her hands, but it just looked like a little blob of paint.
On the back I wrote her name and the year. I made three..one for me, one for MoMo, one for Grandma Debbie.
These were Lindsey's. So cute.
Julie's. Cori had one similar, but I didn't get to take a picture.
Julie's other one. Hers turned out really cute. I thought making ornaments might end up being a little cheesy, but it was really fun. Lilly was so good throughout the Christmas party. I just love having her around!!


Cori said...

I had a blast!! And I just might take you up on your offer for Wednesday night!!

Cori said...

Let's get together on Wednesday! I will be home around 5:00'ish from staff meeting. What would you like to do?

Cori said...

Sounds good! I will come over!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I love the ornaments with Lilly' s footprint. So cute Mom!!!