Monday, December 15, 2008

Lilly's BIG acting debut...

Lilly played baby Jesus in the FBC of Benton Christmas Pageant. It was so sweet to have her play baby Jesus (Ricky Bobby's favorite Jesus...just kidding...couldn't resist). We were so honored and to see her in the production just brought me to tears. The whole pageant was moving and just really reminds me of what Christmas is all about.
This is a picture of Lilly with Mary and Joseph. There were 3 performances--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and she was on stage for 40 minutes each time. It was an ordeal to make sure her schedule was in line for her to eat right before and be ready to nap. She did great though!! Friday she cried for just a minute at the end. Saturday she slept through the entire production....she even slept through almost being kicked in the head by a live sheep. Matt and I nearly quit breathing and almost lept out of our seats, but thanks to the lord, it missed her. Joseph was able to get control and Mary kind of moved her to the side. Sunday, she woke up and just moved her arms and cood a little. Matt was so nervous when the lamb scene came on Sunday, he was so tense and shaking his legs and holding his breath! I actually heard him release his breath when that scene was over.
OK, we all know Matt is not a talk-to-strangers type of guy. So, you will understand how proud he was of Lilly when I tell this story. On our way back home, we stopped at Whattaburger to eat. This couple walked by and said, "You have a darling little girl." To which Matt replied, "Thank you! She played baby Jesus in a Christmas pageant this weekend; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was at the FBC in Benton. That is where I am from. My mom works at the church. She did great.."...and he went on to tell them how each performance went. He is so proud!! I just sat there smiling thinking, "Maybe he is going to become the chatty one??"
Our precious little girl playing baby Jesus.
Well, we left LR and it was 64 degrees. When we got home it was 27 degrees. By the time we went to bed (like 30 minutes later) it was 21 degrees. It is soooooooooo cold!!! We woke up to an icy ground. This picture is of our front yard.

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Jennifer said...

Ahh!Brody was baby Jesus on Sunday at our church! That's so funny! I wish we could have seen the one in Benton this year, but we had to be up here!