Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dinosaur Day

After the kids had prehistoric preschool week at school we decided to do some fun dinosaur activities at home.
 They painted their own dinosaurs and came up with a list of the dinosaur's favorite things...like color, food, toy, etc. 

 Then they each had one of these eggs.  You are supposed to be able to dig a dinosaur out...
 so we tried...
 and tried...
 and repeatedly soaked them in water...BUT they were like trying to dig into concrete with a paintbrush...so we let them soak some more.
 And while we did we read a non-fiction dinosaur book that told us all about several different dinosaurs and the book came with a flashlight that shines different dinosaurs on the wall.  The kids LOVED this!! 
 Then we made some pictures with some dinosaur stencils. 
 Reid loved this and part the most, I think. 
 And then we brought out the big tools and went at the dinosaur dig again.  Ha! 
We finally got them out and were so excited to find the tiny dinosaur inside.  Lilly and Reid love special days like this and Lilly is always asking, "Mommy are we going to do any 'actibidies' today?"  Love it!  (; 

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