Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fun with MoMo

MoMo (and PaPa Ray) came into town the weekend before Thanksgiving and MoMo brought a couple of activities for the kids to do!
She brought us a cookie decorating kit so we HAD to make cookies and test it out! Ha!
  The kids were pumped up!  Lilly said, "I wish we could decorate cookies EVERY day!" 

 First you have to put some icing on the cookie...

 Lilly kept "sneaking" bites of the icing. 
 Then you have to add lots of sprinkles!! 
 Here is all of the finished cookies.  What was left of Reid's is on the bottom left.  Ha!  He just couldn't wait to eat it! 
 They were all proud of their finished product! 
 (Their cousin Emma.  Lilly and Emma were inseparable the whole time MoMo was in town--it was pretty cute!)
 And their cousin Hunter.
Even MoMo got in on the fun.
 MoMo also got them all the stuff to make razorback ornaments!  Reid, Hunter, Lilly, Emma, and Ethan. 
 And is it really fun with cousins if you don't have a silly picture to prove it?? 
Their sweet little ornaments! 

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Courtney said...

What a fun weekend. It looks like the kids enjoyed some sprinkles with their cookies! Those ornaments are adorable!