Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family Time

 A few weeks ago my Aunt Grace and Uncle Ross came in town from Oregon for a visit!  We were so glad to see them!
 We spent the whole weekend hanging out with them and the rest of my mom's side of the family.  We loved seeing everyone, especially my sweet grandma who likes to tell us she loves us every few minutes.  (: 

 Lilly and Reid LOVED getting to know Aunt Grace and Uncle Ross.  They are such fun, sweet people to be around!

 Lilly told Aunt Grace that she was going to mail her some pictures and both Lilly and Reid were so sad when they left to go back home. 
 Luckily for them, we were turning right around and heading to see Mike and DeDe.  Reid decided he was going to pack himself.  He had a huge blanket, his nightlight, his bear named Plane, one pair of shoes...and then he added underwear, pajamas, and a sleeping bag.  I just sat back and watched to see what all he was going to take but then I guess he thought it all looked comfy because he got it out and made himself a nice bed on the couch.  ( ; 
 We loved getting to see most of Matt's family while we were there, too.  We got to go by and see MamMa and Reid asked one of the ladies there if she liked to pick her that was nice.  Ha!  Lilly loves to look at the birds, fish, and this time there was a dog! 
 Reid started carrying his "murse" (or man-purse) while he was there. It has his cars, and Iron Man notepad, and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles markers in it.  He does say, "Oh wait!  I need to get my purse!", though.  I can't help but crack up. 
Lilly walked around with a wig on.  We said, "Oh my!  Your hair is back!"  Ha!  We are sure blessed with such a big loving family! 

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