Sunday, November 10, 2013


Sooooo I was SUPER excited this year because we did our first ever family costume!!!!
The Flinstones!!
 I will just go ahead and warn you that I got a little carried away with fun festive food!  The kids started the day with a monster donut. 
 So the Flinstone costume idea actually came together because our Preschool was having Prehistoric Preschool Days so we had to dress up as something prehistoric.  And then, all the stars in the world aligned and I found a plain orange shirt in Matt's size and he (reluctantly) agreed to the whole family costume thing.  He loves us.  He really loooooves us.  (;  The kids and I went to school and had lots of fun with all kinds of prehistoric activities.
 Oh funny sidenote-the kids had no idea who the Flinstones were so we had to google an episode for them to watch. 
 There was also a prehistoric parade and these two cuties (above and below) did great! 

 There fall parties were Monday and Thursday so this was the lunch I sent on Monday.
 And then we signed up to bring dessert Thursday and Lilly requested, "The two chocolate chip cookies with the icing in the middle."  To which Reid immediately replied, "Ohhhh I do, too!"  So we made some double doozies and added candy eyes to be festive.  (Oh, and I just use break and bake cookies and whipped white icing.)
 This was their Halloween lunch.  I totally Pinterest failed the apple mouth with marshmallow teeth.  Ha! 
 This is Whitney and I--we were in charge or Prehistoric Preschool days together!  She is also one of Reid's teachers.
 Lilly's teachers dressed up as paleontologists.  I am so glad that both Lilly and Reid have teachers that make learning so much fun! 
 Here is Christy--she set up all of the recess activities and the kids had so much fun!  I LOVED her costume! 

 And just a few more of the fun ladies I work with.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of them but I had to go back to teaching.  (: 
 I was such a lucky Wilma!!!  I had the cutest Freds EVER all day long. 

 And then the best Fred ever at night.  ( ; 
 Oh and Lilly's teacher sent me this picture.  LOVE it! 
 After school we were so excited because DeDe, Mike, Bert, Becca, and Breanna were all in town.  We were having some friends over for pizza and trick-or-treating later so the kids made their brooms from Reeces and pretzel sticks.  We love these because they can make these all by themselves. 
 Love them--they made every one of the brooms! 
 This was all the kid food.  Mandarin oranges jack-o-lanterns, ghost bananas, ghost cupcakes (that I got from Sam's and added chocolate chips and Hershey circles to make the face), the brooms, and mummy dogs.  All the adults ate pizza...and maybe a cupcake.  ( ; 
 Lilly changed into Belle before trick-or-treating.  Hopefully I can get some trick-or-treating pics from Aunt Becca because I didn't get any. Reid was Spiderman for trick-or-treating. 
And Breanna was a cute little ladybug.  We are so thankful we got to go trick-or-treating and spend the night with such fun friends and fun family!  Oh, and we are good on candy until next Halloween. 

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Your sweet niece is getting so big! Christy's costume... tee hee!