Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lilly's BIG haircut!

A few weeks ago we went in to check on Lilly before we went to bed, as we do every night, but it seems as though this night she decided to have a bit of a party between the time we put her to bed and the time she went to sleep. 
 She had apparently put on some mascara...
 and cut her hair (and a tutu).  Scissor par-tay?!?  We went to bed thinking she had just trimmed her hair (she was sleeping on the side she had cut).  Then, in the morning, Matt came in as I was having a prayer time...I should have known something was up when I felt the Holy Spirit saying, "You aren't going to want to wait until nap time for your quiet time.  You are going to want to meet with me now." early that morning.  Anyway, I digress, Matt came in we had the following conversation:
Matt-"Did you happen to look inside the trash can?" 
Me:  No. Why?  (Thinking...a little panic setting in...) Was there more hair in it???
Matt:  Yep. 
Me:  How bad is it?  Like lots of hair?  Long hair??
Matt:  It was a lot.  You probably need to brace yourself. 
Me:  Have you seen it?
Matt:  Ummmm.  Yes.  It's pretty short.  It can be fixed but it is going to be short.  I mean, just brace yourself and remember it's just hair.   
Now I am so thankful for the prayer time and the conversation between Matt and I before I saw the hair cut. 
 Lilly walked in the living room with tears in her eyes and crawled up in my lap.  I said, "Don't cry.  It's just hair.  You are still just as beautiful and we love you just the same.  It's just hair.  No big deal." 
Then we just kind of snuggled and while her head was laying on me I looked at Matt and he gave me a thumbs up and mouthed, "It's okay.  It's just hair."  Ha!
Then my sweet girl perked up and said, "Yes.  It is okay.  And I left half of it long so we can still braid half of it!"  I had to explain that we couldn't just leave half of it long and she was really upset and was very adamant that she did NOT want a boy haircut.  Praise the Lord I already had a hair appointment scheduled for that very day!!
 (Okay--look at the Joe Dirt hair cut she did to one side of it. Ha!  Bless her!  Only she could still look cute with a half mullet.  ;)  Oh, and she pretty much cut perfect bangs...except that she took them around the side of her head.  Reid had everything under control.  He sprayed her hair down while Mrs. Brittney and I talked about possible hair styles for her. 
 Then he swept up all the hair.

 We ended up going with a little asymmetrical bob that the other side of her hair will grow into.  She loves it!  And I was so relieved because I was really worried because she LOVED her long hair and she was worried all day long about getting it cut short.  Honestly she just didn't realize that it wouldn't just be back in the morning.  She still says all of the time that she likes her short hair but she likes her long hair better and about once a week she wakes up a little sad and says, "Why isn't it back yet??"   I just tell her it will grow back and in the meantime she is ROCKING the short hair.  (; 
 This is what the back looks like.
 Lilly and Mrs. Brittney.  When people ask her about her hair cut she says, "I started it and Mrs. Brittney finished it!"  (: 
 She is still just as cute and sassy as ever!!
 This was her all ready for KDO her first day back! 
 She requested that I take a picture of the back.  Ha! 
 And this is how Reid left for KDO.  We are always quite the sight to see. 
 And this is how they walked into KDO...
hand in hand.  Precious.  So thankful for the Lord's preparation and wisdom that morning because it was just hair and their sweet spirits are so much more important than hair.

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Courtney said...

Oh my goodness. You handled it with beauty, more than I probably would have. Logan cut his hair last week but you can't tell because it is so short.