Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day and Weekend

Wednesday morning Reid got up and I went to check on him and he had taken all of the clothes out of the dryer and put them on the couch and he was finishing up moving all of the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Then he started the dryer all by himself.  You see, his favorite shirt was in the washer. 
 I went ahead and gave him a bath and then he put his towel on and stood in front of the dryer and watched and waited patiently until his shirt was dry.  Haha!  Later that day we all loaded up and headed to Mike and DeDe's for Thanksgiving! 
 This is his favorite shirt...and also how I found him sleeping when I went to check on him at DeDe's.  Now this is where I fail--I have no pictures of Thanksgiving Day!  :/  Not one.  Not a family picture. Not one of the kids in their cute outfits.  (Well Lilly in a cute outfit and Reid still in his favorite shirt from the day before.)  Not one of the yummy food.  Not one of any of the awesome family member we got the pleasure of seeing.  Not even the ones from out of state.  Eeeeeeek!!!  So let me just tell you that we ate lots of yummy food and loved getting to see each and every family member that was there, too!  Becca, DeDe, and I went Black Friday shopping.  I know lots of people don't enjoy--but I really like Black Friday shopping.  The boys are all going to watch football and the kids are going to play and it is a great opportunity to get out for a little girl-bonding and I knocked out most of my Christmas shopping (while getting it on sale...bonus!) 
 On Saturday we decided to take the kids out for some fun and give the guys the chance to watch football uninterrupted.  We started with lunch at the Purple Cow and both Lilly and Reid were SO excited about the purple milkshakes. 

 Then we went to the Wonder Place.  It is like a big indoor play area with all kinds of different pretend areas like a restaurant, store, vet's office, sand, legos, blocks, water, etc.  The kids LOVE it there.   Reid and Lilly both fixed us all several meals. 
 Some water area fun! 

 Lilly my little animal loving child.  (: 
Breanna was cracking me up saying, "C'mon DeDe" over and over until DeDe finally sat in one of those tiny chairs.  But seriously, who could say no to that face??  Then we watched the movie Frozen.  We all loved it!  After that we met the guys for dinner and Lilly discovered she loves steak.  Then, on Sunday, we had lunch with all of the family and headed home.  I think we all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend and we have SO very much to be thankful for--we are beyond blessed!

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Courtney said...

I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving Day, I think I was too focused on the food! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love that Reid was waiting by the dryer for his favorite shirt.