Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family in Town

On Halloween Bert, Becca, Breanna, Mike, and DeDe came to visit us for the weekend!  We loved having them all here and had such a great time with them. 
 Friday night we went to the volleyball game.  Turns out Spiderman likes volleyball, too.  ( ; 
 Saturday Mike and DeDe watched all three of the kids so that Bert, Becca, Matt and I could go to the game!  We hadn't been to a game without the kids in so long and we had so much fun!!! 
 Before the game Becca, DeDe, and I went shopping.  I found the sweat heaven at Old Navy and was so excited to get some new sweats for the winter.  Then we went to a local boutique and I felt like I needed a stylist and a personal trainer just to shop there.  Ha! 
 But then I found these so now I am good.  My ponytails are now very trendy.  ( ; 
 And I found this super cute coffee mug while we were out, too. 
 After the game we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat and that is where Becca and I got the great idea to go the movies, too.  So Matt and Bert dropped us off at the movies to see Last Vegas and they went home to relieve Mike and DeDe.  The movie was pretty funny.  It was such a great day! 
 When we got back to the house Breanna was already asleep so she got to have her first sleepover at our house!!  We LOVED having her spend the night. 
 She woke up with some crazy hair so Uncle Matt fixed her hair.  I was pretty impressed with his skills. 
 The kids played and played and Lilly just LOVED playing little Momma to Breanna.  She is so my little mother hen.  Oh, and Reid found one of Matt's old hats and has claimed it as his own. 
We are so glad everybody came to visit and can't wait to see them all again soon! 

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Courtney said...

What a fun family weekend. I am sure she loved all the attention from your kids.