Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Last Wednesday night our Small Group had a pumpkin carving contest.
 There were a couple that didn't participate (pictured above and below) because they are lame.  Ha!  I am JUST teasing!! 

 It was a couple's competition.  So, naturally, Matt and I were on a team.  I have to say I let him down a little because I was trying to do this princess witch design that Lilly had picked out but it was way too elaborate for the 45 minute time window we had to carve from start to finish.  About 30 minutes in I realized I wasn't even 1/3 of the way through tracing the design so we to stop and just wing it.  It is noted for next year--after all, this was our FIRST pumpkin carving contest and only our 2nd jack-o-lantern...and last year's was the traditional triangle eyes, nose, and crooked smile.  Anyway, I digress. 
 Jennifer just free-style drew her design on with a marker.  Talented!  Cody did the carving.
 Brent and Becky worked on theirs.  Pretty much the men did all of the carving.  We ladies were there for support and direction. Ha!  (; 
 Andy carving his and Amanda's pumpkin.
 Ta-Da!  Ours looks way better in pictures than it did in person.  I give us a gold star for creative carving because that was done in about 7 minutes, though.  ( ; 
 Cody and Jennifer's spooky tree.  Cody is super competitive and was cracking me up. 
 Andy and Amanda's pumpkin. 
 Brent and Becky's pumpkin. 
 All lined up and lit up (with our flashlight apps on our cell phones because no one had a candle :) and ready for judgment.
 A special shout out to our judges Clif and Sarah Anderson who came by just to judge our jack-o-lanterns.  They picked a winner and a runner up. 
 The winners!!  Great job Cody and Jennifer...
 your spooky tree was awesome.  Next year, I'd just scrape the face instead of carve it out , though.  Hahaha.  (That is a joke because Jennifer wanted to scrape the face and Cody accidentally carved it out.) 
And Clif and Sarah with Andy and Amanda's 1st runner up pumpkin!  I just love getting to do life and grow in the Lord with these sweet couples!!

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